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    Hey friends this is Kunal from Jamshedpur (Tatanagar), ryt now I m in Gurgaon working in a MNC. This is my first story here. I am a great fan of ISS stories so thought of sharing my real lyf xperience wid u. This is a story of me and my cousin Anjali. We are neighbours and we grew up together. Let me say about us. I am 5.5 of height, well built physique and a 6'5 inch long penis. She always use to touch my abs. And Anjali has some very good assets. Her breasts are of 34 size, and her ass is of 36 which keeps bouncing with her every step when she walks. At this age of 22 years, this figure on her just looks perfect. The incident between us took place this june. I finished my engineering and came to my hometown as before joining my company I was on leave for some days.

    My Hot Cosuin Anjali

    We have two rooms, one for my parents and one for me and my sis and we have a common bathrum for both rums. In my room on one bed my sis sleeps with Anjali as she use to sleep in our home as her elder bro is married recently and he and his wife needs some privacy and on one I sleep. So, I got some good oppurtunity as I always wanted to touch her and feel her. I wanted to see her naked and lots of thing come in my mind relating to her since a long tym. But her sleeping with my sis is a big hurdle. On one evening, my parents decided to leave to my village for some agricultural work for 1 week hence we three are left in out home as I and my sis decided not to go! After dinner, she came to my home. She was wearing low cut top and a short skirt. We decided to play ludo and she was sitting just opposite to me. I could see her deep cleavage and her nipples were also visible from her top. If my sis wasn't there I would have torn her top and fucked her ryt there. My penis started to get erect and my short started to bulge. She saw it once but did nt say anything. My sis wanted to sleep so we decided to quit the game and we started to go to bed. I went to my bed and started reading incest and desi stories of cousins from ISS. As the nyt bulb was on, . Suddenly I saw at her bed she was turning her back towards me and her skirt was lifted. I could see her panty went inside her ass from one side. Ohh my god she has so round ass and its shining in the this lyt. I wanted to touch her ass but I was afraid that if she shouted my sis will get up. So thought of seeing her and masturbateher thighs and her ass was making me crazy.

    Suddenly she turned and I pretended to sleep. When I opened my one eye I was shocked to she her boobs. It is so big that it is about to come out. This nyt was the toughest for me to control. I saw her, she was sleeping so I continued to masturbate thinking of fucking her hard. Now I turned and started rubbing my penis on my bed. And I ejaculated. I went to bathrum and cleaned myself and sleep. It was about 3 am and I slept. I woke up at 10 and both of them had already woken up. I asked my sis about her she said " bhaiya wo subha uth k nahayi aur ghr gayi h avi thodi der pehle". I got up and went to the bathrum. I saw her top, bra, skirt and panty dip in our bucket. I took her bra and panty and smelled them. The smell of her chut was still der. I masturbated on her panty rubbing tha panty on my penis then I took bath and came out. The day was boring and I was desperate to see her in nyt and masturbate. Next day she was wearing shorts and a vest like top. That nyt also masturbated seeing her. I decided to make plan the next day to seduce her and fuck her.
    I went to her home and checked her chats to knw as she has a bf so that I cn blackmail her about him and tell her to give me a fuck. But I did nt get any. But I was shocked to see a video in her gallery. In the video a girl was showing her boobs and her full body including her chut. Ohh my god! It was so sexy, but the girl did not show her face. I was even more shocked when I realised that the video was recorded in my bathroom. Then I realised the body figure is same as Anjali's figure. And I saw the bucket also in which she has dipped her clothes and as I see her ass and boobs at nyt I understood it was her. I switched on my bluetooth and transferred it to my phone. I saw her alone nd approached her and I said "Ye kya hai Anjali? Tum iss video me nude kyu pose kr rhi? Ye sab krti ho tum?" I thought she wud be shocked and will plead me to not to show to anyone but she stood there with attitude and said "tumhe kaise pata ye main hun?". I knew I was caught. She said "mjhe pata h tum raat bhr kya krte ho mjhe dekh k. Jb tum pehle din so gye the to tmhare mobile me ek site khula hua tha. Usme tum jo stories padh rhe the maine wo bhi dekha tha. Tum mere baare me ye sb sochte ho? Kbse?" I was very afraid on hearing it, I was sweating of fear. I was caught. I was stammering...main kaanp raha tha! And suddenly my aunt came and our conversation was over. I was going to my house she suddenly came behind me and said in my ears " ye video tmhare liye hi hai. Tum itna imagine krte ho to maine socha ki directly dekh lo! Send kr lo apne phne me!" and she smiled cunningly. I got some courage and said "maine kr liya already." I smiled and came to my home. I was very xcited. I opened the video and masturbated seeing her nude boobs, thighs, ass and her pussy. I can see that her pussy is a virgin one!

    I was waiting for the nyt so that I can fuck her. After dinner she came and we were sleeping as usual. I did nt say a wrd as my sis wud here and suspect doubt on us. I texted her and our conversion was as below..

    Me: hey! U slept?

    Anjali: nope. Tum abhi stories padh rhe the cousins waale?

    Me: nahi yaar aaj kahaani padhne ka mann nhi kr rha. Tbhi se tmhara video dekh rha!

    Anjali: 1 minute ka to video h. Kyu dekh rhe ho itna?

    Me: kaise btau yaar tmhe? Main jbse ye sb sochta hu to tmhare saath hi khud ko sochta hu. Tmhe kbse nude dekhna chahta tha aur isme tum dikh rhi ho to kaise dekhna band kr dun! U knw main bchpn se hi tmhe like krtaa hu.

    Anjali: ye sb khyal itte saalon se dimag me leke baithe the? Mjhe directly propose kr dete na?

    Me: hm cousins hain yaar. Mjhe lgta tha tm pta nhi kya sochogi?

    Anjali: aur ab? I like you too yaar kunal! Bachpn se! Hm tbse jaante h ek dusre ko jb hm bas underwear me khelte the. Hm saath me kitni baar nude naha chuke h fir bhi darte the mjhse share krne se!!

    Me: han dear. Sry. Bt aaj to keh rha na. I luv u.

    Anjali: hmm gud. Now what?

    Me: video me to dekha h tmhe nude. Mjhe real me dekhna h. Thoda skirt upr kro na?

    Anjali: (lifted her skirt to her waist) ab?

    Me: tmhara chut dikhao na!

    Anjali: itte andhere me dikhega kaise? Bathroom me chalo!

    And she got up and went to the bathroom. I followed her. But she went inside and locked it from inside. I thought if I knock it my sis wud woke up so I txted her.

    Me: darwaza to kholo.

    Anjali: tum mjhe nude dekhna chahte ho to kya main nhi chahti dekhna. Tum bhi kpde utar k aao!

    Me: meri behn soyi h yahn. Dekh legi wo. Andar aane do fir dekh lena jo dekhna h!

    Her Hot Chut And Boobs

    And she opened the bathroom! I went insside and she was completely nude. I went close to her and touched her breasts! Omg wo kitne soft the! Maine unhe dabana shuru kiya and she was moaning

    "aaahhh..mmmm...dhire dhire dabao na" I took it in my mouth and sucked it hard. She was breathing heavily and was trying to insert her hand inside my short. I removed all my clothes all of sudden and held her. Her nipples were tight and I sucked them for so long. She said "mmmm...kunal..tmhe ye boht pasand h naa..aahhhh.. Kitna jhankte rehte ho inhe hamesha..mmmmm".

    Me: "han dear..inko kbse suck krna chahta tha."

    She went dwn and sttarted sucking my penis...she was sucking it harder...nd I was on moon.mmmmm...aaah...
    I closed the lid of my cummode and sat on it. I said her to sit on my penis but it was so hard to put into her chut. It was so tight and she was telling me nt to do it. I kissed her lips and pressed her mouth. I held her waist and pulled her dwn and the whole penis went inside her. She was about to scream but I was pressing her lips very hard. Blood was on the floor. I understood she was virgin. I pushed my penis into her slowly slowly and left her lips. She was saying that its paining so much! I did nt listen and fucked her harder!
    After some tym she was enjoying my fuck.

    Me: mmmm..ab bhi pain ho rha dear?

    Anjali: nhi baby! Zor zor se daaalo naa..mmmmmmm fuck me harder!

    Me: mmm...aaah..fucking darling...mmmmm

    Anjali: kisss my nipples bite them..mmm..aaaah...aur zor zor se chodo mjhe...faad do usse...

    Me: aur kuchh bolo baby.maza aa rha ye sb sunke..mmmmmmuuuuuaaah...( took her nipples and sucked them hard. Bitten them many times)

    Anjali: han baby! Meri chut tmhare liye hi h...mmmm...chod chod k faad daaalo...aah baby...mmmm..

    Me: haaaaaan shona..mmmmm aaah...aaaj tmhare chut ko mera lund pura satisfy krega...mmmm...aaaah...mmm...

    Anjali: roz chodoge naaa mjhe baby!!!!...mmm...aaah.

    Me: han baby...roz tere chut ko chodunga..mmmmmm.

    And we fucked for half an hour and wen I was about to cum I said her to take out..and take my penis in her mouth..." nikalne waala h...jaldi nikalo nd pee lo naa inhe.mmmm". " han baby...aaaaaj saaara pee jaunga tmhara" and she took my penis in her mouth and sucked for sme tym and I cummmed in her mouth...mmmm.. " shona! Ab tum baaith jao yahnn thoda stretch krke, main bhi lick krunga tmhare chut ko"...she sat on the commode and I sucked her very hard...she use to tighten her thighs around my mouth nd after sometym she too cummed and splashed on my face!

    Then we both cleaned ourself and slept on our beds. I saw that my sis was still slpng. I stretched my hand nd touched her chut and nd licked it and wished gud nyt! She too touched my penis nd gave a flying kiss to it and we slept.

    In the next 4 days I fucked her 4-5 times daily at nyt.

    So friends how do u lyk the story! Please give ur review on my id. Girls send me request if u want to be satisfied. Married women are also most welcome for pleasure. Ur privacy will be my 1st priority! And my friend list will also be hidden so no other guy sees u in my list!
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