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Day 3.


Kara sat in the dining room. Again she wore her gown. She sat legs crossed on the small sofa her laptop on her lap.

The morning just the same, her shower with her mother, Zoe had been for a run. The weather was windy and cold. So no sunbathing today, stuck inside. She was working through her website.

Sean came in wearing shorts and tee shirt.

" What you doing sis? " He asked walking into the kitchen.

" Working on my site " she said.

" Coffee? " He asked.

" Yes please. " She said as her mother walked in.

" Coffee mum. " Sean asked

" Yes darling. I have a skype meeting in thirty minutes. So I will be in my office " Patrica said.

" Cool. " He said.


Sean sat next to his sister looking at her website. His eyes occasionally darting to her chest.

" You have a good website. " Sean said.

" Thanks. " Kara replied.

" I often look on it, just to see what you are up to. "

" Really " Kara said.

" Yeh, I do have a interest. " He said.

" Oh thanks. " Kara said.

" Mum's a bit weird with me this morning " Sean said.

" Oh women. " Kara said looking around. " Probably that time of the month. " She said whispering.

" You think so. " Sean said.

" No, I told her " Kara said.

" What? " Sean said.

" Remember when you bribed me... "

" ..oh yeh. You know I wasn't going to tell anyway. I just wanted to see your tits. " He said.

" Jerk, anyway mum knew about it. She found the top of the condom wrapper in my room. Dad noticed a condom missing. He had 7 that morning and 6 the next day. " Kara said.

" They must of had sex that morning. " Sean said.

" Yes. " Kara said smiling. " When I brought Colin home that day. I thought you were at work. "

" Your brother caught you to naked in your bed. At least you were in bed. " Sean said.

" Yes, I was so embarrassed. " She said.

" Well. I loved seeing your tits. " He said.

" I know. Arsehole. " She replied.

" Should of made you let me feel them. " Sean said.

" Glad you didn't. Showing them to you was bad enough. Besides they changed from 15 to now. " She said.

" Really how? "

" Well at 15 I was just going into a C cup bra so they got slightly bigger and changed shape. " She said.

" Really? " Sean replied.

" Yep. " She said.

" Would love to see them now. " He replied.

" I know you would pervert. " Kara said.

" Come on Kara. " He said reaching over looking at her moving his hand onto her side slowly moving up to her breast seeing how far he can get.

She grabbed his hand. " Its different now we are not teenagers, we are adults. Your my brother. " She said.

" Oh come on. " Sean said smiling.

She sighed moving his hand onto her breast. He could feel her nipple on the palm of his hand. She watched out looking at the hallway, there mother on a skype meeting. Zoe in the shower.

She looked at him and opened her gown. Sean seeing his sisters breasts. Her erect nipples.

" Oh Kara. " He said. She logged off her computer and stood.

" Come to my room " she said.

" Serious? " He said.

" You want a good look or not? " She said.

" Fuck yes. " He said.

They walked to her room. She closed the door. She stood in front of him and opened her gown. Sean's eyes seeing her mature breasts. She wore satin women's boxer shorts.

" Oh wow, can I.. "

" Touch them. Yes. " She said.

He reached out groping them smiling at her. " Fuck they are nice tits Kara. " He said.

" Suck my nipples. " She said.

" Really? " He said.

" You have a minute " she replied.

He leant in fondling them, kissing her nipples and sucked them. He squeezed and groped them circling his tongue around her nipples. He felt his cock grow, his erection in his pants.

" Right that's enough. Lets not be caught. Happy now. " She said doing her gown up feeling her brothers saliva on her nipples.

" Sis. " He said as he smiled and snuck out of her room down to his room.

Kara sat on her bed. " Why Kara. Why did you give in? " She said to her self.

Day 10 a week later


Kara stepped into the shower with her mother again. She turned on the shower head.

" So nice a hot shower in the morning. " Kara said smiling at her mum.

" It is dear, I'm really enjoying this time together. " Patrica said smiling at Kara.

" Mum, I did something last week. " Kara said.

" What dear? " She asked.

" Well. " Kara said picking up the soap. " I kind of showed Sean my breasts again...this time I wanted to. "

" Kara really why? "

" I guess after talking the other day about how when he saw them when I was 15 they weren't fully grown and by the time I was 18 they were bigger.. "

" ..and you felt you wanted to show him them the way they are today? "

" Yeh, I felt I short changed him, and this time I let him fondle them, and suck my nipples. "

" Kara really, he would have loved that, well you have nice breasts darling. " Patrica said smiling reaching up cupping one of her daughters breasts.

" Mum? " Kara said as Patrica held the side of Kara's breast rubbing her nipple with her thumb.

" Is this ok? " Patrica asked.

" Yeh, my mum touching them.. "

" .... A bit weird? " .

" Well yeh. " Kara replied as Patrica picked up the soap and started washing her daughters bust. She lathered Kara's breasts rubbing them and massaging them. Kara felt aroused she picked the other soap and started washing her mother.

" Its so nice mum. " Kara said.

" It is darling. " Patrica replied smiling at her daughter. Both women washing and feeling each others breasts. They stepped close together.

" I guess as well I'm so used to people seeing me naked, at nudist beaches, it didn't really worry me. I mean it sort of felt ok, even though he was my brother.

" Were you naked? " Patrica asked.

" No, I mean I think my breasts are as far as I would dare go with him. " Kara said watching her mother caress her breasts, as Kara fondled her mothers.

" He knows we shower together every morning. " Patrica said grinning.

" He would love that. " Kara said.

" Showering with his mother and sister? " Patrica replied washing Kara's sides and hips.

" The way he looked at you the other day outside oiling you mum. "

" I know. It felt nice. I could have been naked. " Patrica said as Kara turned around, her mum washing her back and down to her arse washing her arse cheeks.

" Mum would you, I mean be naked? "

" I'm his mother, your father would not approve darling. "

" You could " Kara said.

" How? " Patrica asked.

" Ask Sean to come into your room to give you a massage, dads at work. I will entertain Zoe. Sean would love it mum. "

" He would. How, just strip off in front of him? "

" No slowly, wear your bikini slowly undo things to give him better access, slowly expose and let him get closer to parts of your body no son should go with his mother. " Kara said turning around smiling putting her hands on her mothers hips. Patrica put hers on Kara's they looked at each other.

" I don't want to fuck him " Patrica said.

" Don't you? I do. " Kara said.

" Kara. " Patrica said.

" Mum I do. Hes my brother I know but I kind of feel close to him. Hes seen my tits. I kind of want to casually... Sleep with him.. No strings just sex. " Kara said.

" Really? "

" Well two years ago we met in France. He was staying over, In was there on holiday. We had dinner, went to my hotel, we sober, I wasn't drinking I was on medication for a migraine. I felt sexual tension between us. "

" Why didn't you? " Patrica asked.

" The whole brother sister thing. Incest thing blah blah blah. " Kara said.

" Yeh, the whole incest guilt thing, about its wrong to have sex with family. " Patrica replied

" What? You don't mind it. I mean thinking its... "

" Ok.. Yes... Its only sex and what happens behind closed doors is up to you. " Patrica said.

" So if I fucked him, you wouldn't mind. " Kara asked.

" No " Patrica said. " I mean I want to. "

" Mum really? " Kara asked.

Patrica leant in kissing her daughters lips. " No, I don't mind darling. " She said " Just make sure Zoe doesn't find out ok. "

Kara kissed her mother back. Mother and daughter holding each others breasts kissing each others lips.

" Mum. " Kara said.

" What darling? This is nice. " Patrica said.

" Your going to aren't you? " Kara said to her mother.

" What darling? " Patrica said.

" Sean, your going to play with him aren't you? " Kara asked.

" Tell you what lets both fuck him " Patrica said.

" Mum really, your going to? " Kara said.

" Well what else can we do during lockdown. Might clear the sexual tension in the house between us three. "

" Yes true. " Kara replied.

" If you want to play with your brother, that's fine darling ok? "

" Ok " Kara said smiling at her mother. They kissed again. Patrica looked at her daughters breast leaning in licking her nipple circling it with her tongue. She fondled Kara's breast. Kara moaned holding her mothers head into her breast. She couldn't believe her mother was sucking her breasts. Patrica stood up smiling turning Kara around. She hugged her daughter from behind pressing her breasts against her back sliding her hands forward fondling Kara's breasts. Kara reached behind moaning as Patrica caressed Kara's bosom rubbing her nipples between her fingers.

Kara held her mothers hips reaching behind. She slid a hand to her mothers groin feeling her clit. Kara rubbed it feeling her mothers labias . She slid her finger inside her mothers pussy lips rubbing her moist flesh. Patrica sliding a hand to her daughters groin feeling her clit.

" This is so naughty. " Patrica said.

" Shit mum, but so nice. " Kara said feeling her mother caress her breast and pussy.

Kara turned around and slid to her knees. Patrica lifted her leg onto the knee high plinth in the shower that could be used as a seat in the shower. Kara leant up with her tongue licking her mothers clit. Feeling her pussy lips with her tongue, tasting her mothers sweet juices. Kara slid a finger inside her mothers pussy slowly finger fucking her as she licked.

" Oh Kara yes. " Patrica moaned as Kara gave her mother oral sex. " You have done this before "

" A few times mum. " Kara said smiling admiring her mothers pussy, tasting her mothers pussy.

" Who with? " Patrica asked.

Kara stood up. " I have a secret. A couple I know wanted another female to join them in a threesome. They asked me. So I decided I would. They just wanted to experiment. So I thought, once wont hurt. Anyway we have been a threesome for two years now. Shes bi and I'm bi as well. Its really nice. He is awesome. We have great sex mum.

" Oh wow darling really? "

" Ummmmm yes. He loves watching me and his wife play together. He will sit on a chair. Charlene and I dress up and he watch us undress each other and give each other oral sex and have sex. He loves to stand over us and masturbate over us. She loves watching me swallow his cum. He loves watching us girls eat his cum out of each others pussies. Shes let me see him alone a couple of times. I meet him for coffee in cafes with her at another table. We share him. She loves sharing him with me. "

" Oh wow Kara. Sounds like you have fun? "

" Mum we do. Hes got a nice big cock to. " Kara replied.

" It helps. " Patrica said.

" Is dads... You know. "

" Cock big? " Patrica said as they stood playing with each others breasts and kissing.

" Yes, does it satisfy you? " Kara asked.

" Yes, I does. It sure does darling. " Patrica said kissing Kara's lips.

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