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Taboo sex stories Meeting my dream mature mommy

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    I had gone on some good and some bad dates, however the best date of them all came near Christmas in 2012. I had been messaging a woman named Daniel for a couple weeks she was so sexy in her photos and seemed to have such a youthful outlook on life, she goes to a lot of concerts and does a lot outdoors. Her profile on Aff said she was 47, was married and enjoy-es younger men. After a week or so of texting we decided to meet.

    Our first meeting was at a really cool coffee shop downtown. She got there first when I walked through the door and saw her my heart was pounding. The nerves of a first date combined with seeing the most ideal older woman I could imagine. We chatted for a bit, there was absolutely chemistry. It was one of those times where the sexual tension is so great you kind of just go numb. We each made some slightly naughty , the coffee date was definitely a success. Taboo sex stories

    It was time to go there was no parking near so she had parked quite far away and I walked her to her car. When we got there I wrapped my arms around her waste and we kissed for the first time. I pushed her up against the car deep in an embrace. I let her go and told her how nice it was to meet her. We texted for several more day each reflecting on how nice our date was. She told me she wished she would have just pulled me in her car( I wouldn't have put up a fight.)

    After texting a bit it wa revealed she was married and she was in an open relationship and can play with anyone she wants. Our texting became very very hot and heavy and decided we should meet. I was so excited she was exactly what I find attractive. She was 5'4 and maybe 130lbs just so perfectly curvy in just the right places with huge tits a nice ass and a waxed pussy. She had shared quite a bit with me before we finally met. We ended up getting a nice hotel in downtown, I ended up going to an NFL game that Sunday. And met her at the hotel afterwards. Taboo sex stories

    This woman works in the travel industry and we got quite a nice spot. I walked to the hotel after the game. I couldn't go up the elevator without a key card so she came down to get me. I got in the elevator where she was waiting for me with another couple. The other couple got off before us and the second that door closed we embraced and started making out. The elevator opened we gathered ourselves and walked to the room.

    I walked in and she had a nice food spread laid out and a bottle of wine waiting. I just couldn't believe it in that moment it was almost just too much. We chatted for about 5 minutes before we grabbed each other and threw ourselves on the bed. This woman was something else we made out for a solid 15 minutes just feeling and touching and starting to explore a new lover for the first time. Taboo sex stories

    By this time I had her leggings and top off. The leggings she had been wearing profiled her body in the best way a perfect camel-toe and shapely around her huge ass,and it then hit me that I had hit the jackpot. now that the majority of her clothes were off I started to explore her body further. Taboo sex stories

    This woman could suck a cock like a pro I am blessed where it counts and this woman swallowed every inch of me. It was so erotic and I was so turned on I knew I could only last a few minutes. Those few minutes went by in a flash my cock began pulsing and I tell her I am about to cum Daniel started sucking like her life depended on it. I blew my load as she sucked the life out of my cock.Taboo sex stories

    I melt into the bed In an orgasmic bliss. I rested for a few moments and we chatted for a bit. However I just couldn't help myself I moved her up the bed and I stuffed my face between her legs and went to town. She came at least three times, her pussy was soak g and I could t get enough of her aroma and juices I could live with my head between this woman's legs. I put three fingers in her pussy and started to massage her g spot while licking her clit she screamed "faster faster faster."

    Before I knew it there were juices pooling in the palm of my hand, she then exploded all over my face her pussy juice tasted so sweet and those juices were everywhere. I gave her a moment to relax. Taboo sex stories

    I pulled her to the side of the bed as I stood up next to it. I dipped my fingers in her pussy one more time and made her suck on my fingers asking her how her pussy tasted. I slid my cock up and down her pussy almost entering but not quite yet. She yelled at me "Fuck just get in me and fuck me already. So I did as I was told I plunged my cock in her plump hungry pussy we both sighed in bliss. She was still covered in her juices from cumming and I was absolutely balls deep in her tight pussy. Click to expand... I slowly started fucking her pulling all the way out and slowly back in it was driving her mad, she was clenching the sheets and me. I start pounding her, she is screaming at this point legs straight up in the air toes curled the whole time. I pull out get her on her hands and knees as we move up the bed. She grabs the head board and I slide in nice and slow but gradually faster. taboo sex stories

    She begins to cum and reaches back with both hands and holds me inside her for a few moments and collapses. She turns over spreads her legs wide and tells me she wants my cum deep inside her. I shove my cock deep in her full thrusts as she rubs her clit I feel my cock starting to pulse I tell her I'm cumming she says she is too.

    I shoot my load deep inside her as she releases juices all over my cock. I wrap my arms under her as she wraps around me with all fours, we were both in an orgasmic bliss. I pull my cock out and watch as a mix of our cum drips out of pussy.
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    We hung out a bit and then headed down stairs and parted ways. This is the first story of many with this woman I have been seeing her for 5 years now. I am going to continue writing and our stories only get sexier and much much naughtier.

    Some highlights from future stories will be a lot of mom and son role play, so if your not into that these stories will not be for you. However stories will also include role-play outside the bedroom, flashing, public sex, and plenty of cumming in mommies pussy.

    I also am writing this on mobile so I apologize for any grammar issues.

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